Digital Literacy Program


digital literacy1. Investigate other schools who already have a digital literacy programme.
Evaluate what would and would not work within my own schools context.
Approach Principal, Australian curriculum in hand,to discuss the necessity of a
digital literacy program K-6.
3. Consult with ICT and stage leaders to
develop a model and scope and sequence linking to the Australian
4. Present and discuss model with Principal and executive
5. Make any necessary alterations to the program.
6. Deliver model
to teachers in a staff meeting. I would put together a power point presentation
complete with interviews with students and staff giving their opinions on the
importance of digital literacy in their educational lives. This hopefully would
keep people focused and involved. At all times I would be linking everything
back to the Australian Curriculum, both general capabilities and individual
7. Introduce model to one stage (eg: years 5 and 6) and assess at
the end of the term. Make any necessary alterations to the program and
communicate this back to staff,asking for feedback and opinions before
implementing it to the rest of the school.
At all points it is essential to
involve others in the process as this keeps the lines of communication open and
continually builds collaborative teams.
Continual assessment will be
required to ensure the program is up to date and relevant.


About karynjansen

I am married and have two sons,21 and 17. I have been teaching for 27 years and still love it.
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