Digital Learning

untitledDigital literacy encompasses skills and attitudes which support student learning across all areas of the curriculum. A k-6 program of implementation would need to provide student-centred, project-based lessons which encompass skills of problem solving, creative thinking and collaboration. Before drawing up  a K-6 continuum I would direct staff to the General Capabilities Overview and additional links as it clearly defines the importance of digital learning across all KLA’s and from a very young age to develop confident, responsible and involved learners.

21st Century learners are connected to the world like never before. This offers a diverse and comprehensive view of other cultures and communities and therefore requires our students to learn tolerance and acceptance through understanding that people may have differing points of views and customs.

Students must also become responsible users of digital technology, making choices and taking responsibility for those choices. The Australian Curriculum covers these aspects of learning in some detail and offers a learning continuum for each of the seven general capabilities.


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I am married and have two sons,21 and 17. I have been teaching for 27 years and still love it.
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