Role of TL and pedagogical issues

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The role of the Teacher Librarian in a school is active and diverse. We should be heaviily involved in curriculum development and continually assess and refine the resources at our disposal to match student learning outcomes. It is right and proper for the Principal of a school to expect nothing less of us.
As resource experts it is essential that our voices are heard and valued. Students are at a huge disadvantage if the TL is not involved in curriculum design. The Teacher Librarian has a deep understanding of the curriculum and a wealth of knowledge in supporting that curriculum. Collaboration is essential within a school as it encourages cooperation, respect of individual teaching roles and teamwork.
I am fortunate enough to work in such an environment but I am fully aware this is not the norm for many. I dare say that schools who do not have support of the Principal and cooperation and respect from other staff members are at a severe disadvantage and this impacts student learning, as students pick up on the ‘vibe’ in a school and know who is valued and who is not. Teacher Librarians are, at the heart of it, teachers the same as the rest of the staff but working in a different environment, specialising in a different skillsets and contributing in different ways. It saddens me that many of us have to prove our worth to other colleagues.
We all share one goal…to enhance student learning by providing skills and knowledge that places them in a postion to become positive and constructive citizens of the world.


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I am married and have two sons,21 and 17. I have been teaching for 27 years and still love it.
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