Topic 1 Forum: Searching Databases

“artificial intellegance is no match for natural stupidity”
Albert Einstein


I have had some difficulties in searching the databases, but I am determined not to give up but also to take one step at a time. This is all very new for many of us and nothing will be achieved by becoming stressed or overwhelmed! ( I say that calmly at the end of Week 1, lets see by the end of Week 6!)

While I have found the amount of information enormous, I have to say that I have also found it very interesting. That has come as a surprise to me. I think I was so focused on the fact that I had to go back and study after all this time that the content was irrelevant.
It does seem easier to understand this time around,perhaps  because Im looking at it with experienced eyes or maybe its the fact that Im a ‘mature age student'(sigh!).

Working full time and devoting time to family and study is a difficult juggling act but my children are older so I know I have it easier than some. Every time it gets tough for me, I will think of those of you with young children, tell myself to stop complaing and just get on with it!


About karynjansen

I am married and have two sons,21 and 17. I have been teaching for 27 years and still love it.
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