reading to kidnergarten 2013My name is Karyn Jansen and I am the TL at Rosemeadow Public School.
I have been at this school for 26 years. Its a very long time but there is a story that goes with it!
I was a classroom teacher for 7 years but found the rigors of having very young children combined with working full time was just too hard, I wasn’t doing either of them well.
I had wanted to be a teacher for as long as I could remember. My mother tells me stories of how I would line all my toys up, pointing to words in books and drawings on my chalkboard, asking them all to respond. Apparently I even lined the neighbourhood children up and tried to teach them a thing or two!!!! Hmm, some very bossy attributes combined with being a little bit of a control freak…I was probably always destined to teach!
As so often is the case with babies, my first child put me in my place quick smart. He taught me that bossiness and control freakiness were going to get me nowhere with him and I had better learn to adapt to a new phase in my life!
So adapt I did, (even if I had to contract Glandular Fever to finally see the light). I resigned my full time position and was fortunate enough to be offered permanent part-time work at my school. So there I remained for the following 18 years, covering a variety of jobs during that time;ESL,STLA,RFF and for the past 8 years Library on a Friday and blocks of fulltime when the TL was on leave.
When our TL retired last year I decided that this was the place I wanted to be. My passion for literacy and the excitement I feel watching children learn about the world around them has made me determined to get through this Teacher Librarian retraining course come what may! After all its only been 28 years, how hard can it be?!!!!book parade 2012


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